Accurate data capture

Whether you need to extract data from your bank or credit card statements, invoices, receipts or some other document type, we should have a solution for you. Our solutions automate data entry tasks, reducing costs while also getting your work done faster.

Export data in minutes

Extract just the information you need from hundreds or thousands of pages of documents and export it straight to MS Excel, CSV or XML files in minutes rather than spending the hours, days or weeks it would take to manually type it all up.

Software Integration

Simply export data to our specifically prepared file formats for import into commonly used accounts software such as Xero, Sage, Quickbooks, Kashflow, Digita, IRIS, Relate, and many more. Some API integrations are also available.

Our products


AutoRec extracts transactions from bank and credit card statements so you do not have to type those transactions up manually. AutoRec will convert files into a spreadsheet form. You can export data to Excel in minutes rather than the hours/ days it would take to manually type up.

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DocuRec uses artificial intelligence to locate and extract header, line item and tax summary data from invoices, receipts, credit notes, sales and purchase orders before either sending it straight into your accounts software via an API or into a csv file so that you can import it straight into your accounts software.

OCRex is launching DocuRec very soon. If you are interested or have any questions about this solution please email your details to

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Documents are sent to a
DocuRec workflow

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OCRex does all
data verification

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File is sent to user or to
supported software


AutoRec has reduced the time and cost involved in the completion of bank reconciliations whilst producing clear and concise working papers for our files.

Partner: Owen Hickey, Hickey and Associates

AutoRec's simplicity meant our staff were immediately empowered to use it for other applications such as revenue audit preparation.

Partner : Neal Morrison, McInerney Saunders

AutoRec is fast,simple to use and saves a lot of time and money. The days of "ticking and bashing" are gone for good!

Owner: Chris Feeney, Feeney Accountants

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