5 Songs to listen to while AutoRec converts a 50 page Bank Statement

untitled-infographic (3)

As we all know OCREX makes tools that increase productivity and efficiency in your practice, but sometime they can make you so productive that you actually  have spare time. Now what’s better to do with your free time than relax and listen to a few tunes ? So here are our 5 suggested songs you can listen to while you wait for AutoRec to work its way through 50 pages of a bank statement.

Song 1: Rolling Stones – Time is on my side

A classic to begin. It gets you in the relaxed mood while AutoRec zips its way through the first couple of pages.


Song 2: Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax

Just to make sure you’re still awake but still promoting that feeling of relaxation.


Song 3: OneRepublic – Good Life

Great for a good daydream!


Song 4: James Brown – I Got You

We are nearly done & this song should start to get the motor running again.


Song 5: None

We are afraid we don’t have time for the last song! Your pages will probably be processed by now.

You may have seen our blog and video (click here to see) where one of the OCREX team took on AutoRec in a race to process and extract data from 9 pages of Bank Statements, in this video it took an average of 15 second per page  just enough time for our playlist. 

Hope you enjoyed listening!!!