3 Easy ways to Introduce Automation to your Small Business or Practice


Automation is fast becoming one of those buzzwords that people across all industries are using.  The increase of automation  has stemmed from the advances in technology and is enabling businesses to be more customer focused and have more time to spend on their core business tasks and objectives. Automation can also be a great way for smaller businesses to grow without the cost of hiring more staff. There are many processes and tasks that can be automated but we are going to give you some of the more popular and easy ones.


Social Media

Having to login to and individually post on each social media platform is far too time consuming. Why not try some social media scheduling solutions? They will allow you to schedule social media content to a number of networks based on subscription, on whatever frequency suits you best. Here at OCREX, we have our social media posts scheduled on a monthly basis. All we have to do is check for any replies we may get to the posts. We currently schedule our Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ post from a solution called Hootsuite. There are other services that you can schedule from like Buffer and Koozai. Check them out and see which ones would suit your business best.


Bookkeeping is often time consuming – especially the manual entry of invoices and receipts into bookkeeping software. There is now technology to automate the entry of these documents into your bookkeeping software. Go one step better than just having your clients email or share invoices and receipts to you via dropbox or email. Have them email it straight to DocuRec and it will process these documents and have them posted directly into your accounts software in a jiffy. To try it for yourself click here.


Communication with customers can be an increasingly automated task. Tools like Intercom, Customer.io and Nudgespot can be used to automate messages to customers that have reached certain trigger points. An example would be if a customer has reached 10 hours of use on your service, you could automate a message that thanks them for being such a dedicated user. It could also present them with promotional offers or additional training. Other tools can be used to schedule emails to go out at certain times. Like social media scheduling you can just sit down once a month and get all email communications out of the way.

All the above are easy ways to begin the march towards automation in your practice or small business. They should be easy to implement and should add to your businesses efficiency and productivity.