April Fool’s Day: The Best Online Pranks


Although the concept of Aprils Fools Day is nothing new the advent of Social Media means pranks now have a much larger scope and if executed well have the ability to go viral and reach a huge audience.  Of course the cynics out there will say its just another marketing ploy by large corporations but when done right they can be really hilarious.  So as the 1st of April rolls around we have taken a look back at the best online pranks from the last few years and put together a list of our favorites


Google for Dogs

it’s no surprise that the good people of Google are top of the list when it comes to April Fools Day with pranks like Google Coffee pumped directly to your house but our favourite was Google Apps for Dogs including the all important D-Mail – what dog could be without it ?  Take a look at the video



Twitter – Can I Buy a Vowel ?

There was public outrage in 2013 when Twitter announced they were going to start charging for vowels – that is until we all looked at the calendar and realised they were just pranking us.  The social Media giants announced they would launch a free service called “Twttr” which would have no vowels except the letter Y which would remain free or you could pay €5 for a premium and vowel abundant version.  I’m sure you all spotted the inside joke that the original name of the company was actually “Twttr”





Selfie Shoes

Canadian shoe retailer Miz Mooz caused quite a stir when they announced their newest product “The Selfie Shoe”.  So convincing was their promotional video that they even managed to trick USA Today who later had to print a retraction of their coverage.  The video of the selfie shoes was so popular that Miz Mooz are considering making them a reality – just what every girl needs !




Domino Snackaging

“Why think outside the box – when you can eat it?” Domino managed to prank us with something we actually wish was real – a delicious crispy looking box that you can snack on.  Not only is it delicious looking but it’s also pretty green helping to reduce packaging waste. 






Galaxy Blade Edge: The Chef’s Phone of Choice

Samsung unveiled The Galaxy Blade the world’s first smart knife with smartphone capabilities.  Samsung promised us that the phone would have sensors to analyse your grip  and strength – the perfect companion for any budding chef. And the best part – the phone is equipped with a sensor which automatically contacts emergency services in the event that the blade makes contact with human blood.


Virgin – Buying Planets &  High Speed Fitness

In 2015 Virgin managed to fool the public with two April Fools.  The media reported that Richard Branson was to buy Pluto and reinstate it as a planet but sadly it was only a prank.  Virgin then told us they would be launching “Fitness Coach” which would see them replacing traditional seats with exercise bikes, cross trainers and running machines to create the world’s first ever on-board travelling gym.  With a two hour commute to work this may not be the worst idea in the world ! 




Hailo Piggy-back

Tired of sitting in traffic in the city while pedestrians zip passed your taxi ? Hailo is here to help with the “Hailo Piggy-back”.  In their own words “We want people to really question what it means to travel from A to B - With with our latest feature, we really do have our passengers’ backs.”





Do you have a favorite that we didn’t include ?  Let us know in the comments