AutoRec has been discontinued.
We are recommending that all of our customers switch to AutoEntry.
AutoEntry does everything that AutoRec does and a lot more.
Think of AutoEntry as AutoRec 2.0.

Some of the advantages of AutoEntry over AutoRec

- Cloud-based, no software needs to be installed

- Unlimited user profiles at no additional cost

- Automatic verification of accuracy

- Upload multiple statements in one file or separate files at the same time

- Advanced analysis software allows for better analysis

- More reports and more export formats

Careers at OCREX

OCREX is a company of competitive, hard-working but fun people who are truly committed to the building of a great business by continuously finding new and better ways to exceed our customers' expectations. We strive to recruit the brightest people who long to work in this crazy but exciting, pressure pot environment that is a rapid-growth tech-start-up. It's not for everyone. If you see going to work as simply a chore or a means to an end, you won't like it here. However, if you're passionate about what you do and being great at doing it, you'll fit right in.

We often have opportunities arising, some we advertise and some we don't. So be sure to send in a CV and cover note explaining what it is your great at doing whether in relation to a specific job or just so we keep you in mind. No matter what the role, you will need to be a self-starter who has the determination and ability to find solutions and get the job done. We don't do hand-holding.

If you're a graduate and wish to apply for an intern-ship, please do. Many of our existing staff started that way.