Are you wasting time processing your clients invoices and receipts?

Stop typing up this data manually and send your scanned invoices and receipts to DocuRec. DocuRec automates the processing of these documents and allows you to post the data directly to your accounts software.

The data can be posted directly to accounts packages such as Xero, Sage 50, Kashflow and Quickbooks.

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You can view a file at the same time as viewing and editing its extracted data. This gives you the ability to add line items, discounts and tax summaries.

DocuRec Integrations

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DocuRec allows you to connect your accounts software directly to DocuRec so that you can post your approved documents straight into your account software. DocuRec currently has integrations for Xero, Sage 50, Quickbooks, Kashflow and Fuzemetrix.You can integrate both of your sales and purchase folders with their relevant accounts packages. So if you are using Xero for the sales documents and Quickbooks for the purchases documents you can connect these folders separately to accommodate this.

We are continuously working on adding new accounts package integrations to DocuRec so if you have an accounts package that is not listed above please contact us and we can work on adding it to the list.

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DocuRec pricing works on a monthly subscription. We offer different packages based on your usage.

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