AutoRec has been discontinued.
We are recommending that all of our customers switch to AutoEntry.
AutoEntry does everything that AutoRec does and a lot more.
Think of AutoEntry as AutoRec 2.0.

Some of the advantages of AutoEntry over AutoRec

- Cloud-based, no software needs to be installed

- Unlimited user profiles at no additional cost

- Automatic verification of accuracy

- Upload multiple statements in one file or separate files at the same time

- Advanced analysis software allows for better analysis

- More reports and more export formats

How It Works

StatementRec pictogram


Data Extraction

StatementRec provides accuracy verified data extraction from a variety of formats. Whether you scan paper statements to JPEG, TIFF or PDF, or have obtained statements in PDF files from your bank, it's not a problem. StatementRec uses a combination of technologies to extract and verify the transactional data from the scanned documents. However, you don't have to worry about the techy stuff because we simply ensure your data is captured accurately every time.


We take data security very seriously. StatementRec uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology similar to how online payments are secured to ensure your or your clients' data is protected. We use this throughout the application and the website. Once you've downloaded the data that has been captured for you, you can choose to delete projects from StatementRec which permanently deletes all statement images and data relating to that project.

User Interface

With an extremely easy to use interface, you can set up any number of projects, upload individual or batches of scanned documents, view the status of existing projects, and download the captured data from batches of statements you've sent to be processed.


StatementRec can provide visibility of how much data is being processed for each project and bank account. You can easily monitor document flows, sort projects and documents by which of your authorised StatementRec users created them, sort by project name, creation date, and many more parameters.

Functional Description

StatementRec is a cloud based solution providing a straight extraction service of bank and credit card statements. Transactional data is extracted from uploaded statement pages and available to download to an Excel or .csv file or formatted file to import to specific accounts packages. All balances and transaction amounts are verified before completion so that no input is required by the user post processing.

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