AutoRec has been discontinued.
We are recommending that all of our customers switch to AutoEntry.
AutoEntry does everything that AutoRec does and a lot more.
Think of AutoEntry as AutoRec 2.0.

Some of the advantages of AutoEntry over AutoRec

- Cloud-based, no software needs to be installed

- Unlimited user profiles at no additional cost

- Automatic verification of accuracy

- Upload multiple statements in one file or separate files at the same time

- Advanced analysis software allows for better analysis

- More reports and more export formats

See what our clients tell about our products

It's simple to use and good value for money. It just does the job! This software solution removed data entry dependencies while providing significant efficiencies in terms of time, costs and accuracy. AutoRec is fast becoming a key part of our practice, thanks to the time and resources we save by using this bank reconciliation software

Go with Autorec – It is amazing and is one of the few bits of software that I actually said 'Wow' out loud. We launched it in one of our 10 offices with a lot of sceptics – it is now being used in all 10! Cannot speak highly enough of it !

David Kime, Application Software Manager at DUNCAN & TOPLIS

"I recommend it highly, very dependable, highly efficient and their customer care is stellar."

Tommy McGibney, Owner of TOMMY MCGIBNEY & CO

We love the desktop version. It's got to be AutoRec by OCRex. Our team love it…

Jonathan Myers, Director at URQUHART WARNER MYERS

Autorec takes the bank statement and converts into a posh excel spreadsheet. My assistant thinks it is great. An afternoon job of 28 bank statements took just 45 mins.

Paul Johnston, Owner of Bourne Accountancy

Great piece of software and very responsive support.…

Jonathan Myers, Buckler Spencer Limited

AutoRec has resulted in significant time savings in the completion of Bank reconciliations and subsequent payment and receipt analysis. AutoRec's simplicity meant our staff were immediately empowered to use it for other applications such as revenue audit preparation.

Neal Morrison, Partner at MCINERNEY SAUNDERS

Due to this extra efficiency we have been able to allocate extra time to growing our practice in other areas. We no longer dread taking on new paper based clients, as both the reconciliations and analysis is much easier and faster to process. We particularly like that you can do a full payments and receipts analysis within the bank reconciliation software itself.

I can only say that after using AutoRec for a couple of hours it is a fantastic product. I only had to make a small number of corrections to the bank rec data and the ability to view the scanned statement made it easy to find the errors. Within half an hour I'd agreed 98 statement pages to the closing balance and I was able to start looking at filtering and coding transactions.

Chris Dixon, Partner at EIGHTOAKS LTD.

AutoRec is an innovative product and we are delighted with our investment. AutoRec™ has reduced the time and cost involved in the completion of bank reconciliations whilst producing clear and concise working papers for our files. AutoRec™ is fast becoming the most useful piece of software in our practice today

Owen Hickey, Partner at HICKEY & ASSOCIATES

Having purchased the Adobe conversion PDF to excel/word etc and it's not 100%, I did some bank statements manually and quickly realised it was going to take too long. After being super frustrated I sent OCRex the statements (about 20) to him to convert for me - 24hrs later job done and 100% correct. Gotta love AutoRec software!

Gayle Buchanan, Director at Xero Gold Partner

Using Autorec again today to prepare sole trader account, takes away all the wasted time....... 19 page bank statement, 720 individual transactions, fully analysed in less than 30 mins. Mightly impressed!

Colin Daly, Partner at CGD ACCOUNTANCY

Can't believe how easy it is to use and how much time it saves me!

Stuart Jones, Partner at 3CA CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS

AutoRec saved us a lot of man hours reconciling bank statements allowing us to focus our resources to other areas of our business

AutoRec has provided us with an OCR solution that has empowered our practice to improve our profit margins and increase turnaround time with these customers. Shoebox clients can now be priced very competitively given the current market.

Our employees have informed me they love it , in fact one employee tells me that he reconciled a 53 page bank account in less than 3 hours the other day , so I'm pretty pleased that the investment we made in AutoRec™ is starting to pay for itself already. He also advises that he is happy with the support he has been getting when he has been sent down new bank statements to get AutoRec templates for..

Conor Walls, Director at Exchange accountancy services Ltd